Mehri Fine Portraits


Celebrate Father's Day with Custom Art

What's your favorite memory with your dad or grandfather? Whether you've spent time playing sports or working on cars, let's capture those incredible moments through portraits.


Themed portraits can showcase the hobbies and activities that you share with your children or your parents. Create a work of art for your home that shows your unique style, habits and hobbies, as well as the relationship you enjoy with your loved ones. From cheering on sports teams to cars to outdoor pursuits, I can work with you to create an amazing art piece that showcases the depth of your relationships this Father's Day.

Father’s Day is also a wonderful time to showcase the multiple generations of men in your family. Show off your a long history and the unique wisdom and care of a relationship that has been nurtured for years.

Book a portrait session for your dad, son, husband or grandfather today. These are the beautiful days of our lives and we don't want to let them pass us by!  Call me today and let’s make this Father's Day very special.